Fantasy League

I’m playing Fantasy Football Manager in a league called ‘Jersey pasal’. Why not join me?
The code to join this league is: ec1xcb
Auto Join :
Enjoy the game!


  1. Use of Chip is allowed
  2. only one month point will be calculated.
  3. to be luck winner at last player must played at least 3 month in league.
  4. players must like our official page :
  5. if point is equal then priority will be given to player not using chip then less number of transfer then goes for lucky draw.
  6. winner must contact to organizer within 1 week of the last game of the month. otherwise the prize will disqualified.

Benifits and prizes:

  1. the winner of each month will get their favourite jersey.
  2. the member of this fantasy league will get 5% discount from
  3. lucky winner at last will get gift hamper from

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